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SEIL Industrial CO., LTD.

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We, at Seil Industrial, have been devoted to R&D with a view to becoming a world-class company in the 21st century. For the past 37 years, the Company has established know-how from its commitment solely to gear production. Based on the asset, now the Company has become able to produce any and all kind of gears. From 1998, the Company integrated particularly a forging shop to equip the whole lines of gear production facilities from materials to heat treatment, securing stronger competitiveness in product delivery and price than any other companies in the country. Starting from ISO9002 certification in 1997, the Company has obtained QS9000 in 2000 and TS/ISO16949 in 2003, improving its quality competitiveness to a great extent.

From as early as 1993, we began to export gears for tractors to leading Japanese agricultural enterprises, and now we are exporting over USD 30 million-worth of diverse sorts of gears for automobiles, agricultural machines, heavy equipment and forklift and related products to nations over the world including the US, Japan, Europe and South East Asia.

In August 2000, the Company expanded its plant and relocated it on the outskirts of Jinju-si, securing a facility exclusively for assembly to expand the production of assembled products such as automobile differential gear, tractor front axle, hydraulic cylinder assembly and combine transmission. On January 1, 2001, a company technology research center was installed there for the full commitment to technology research and new product development jointly in cooperation with Korean machine-related colleges, institutions and specialized organizations. Under the motto of ‘Integrity and Sincerity’, ‘Creativity and Challenge’, we, the Seil family members, assure you our utmost efforts to repay your support.

Seil Industrial Co., Ltd. CEO            Changyong Moon     |     Yeongtae Choi

SEIL Industrial
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